Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Snow-White New Year

Let's see....Summer is just a memory. Just got back from from a long and wonderful weekend. On the house front, I installed 2 hall pendant fixtures, hung curtains in the master bedroom, wired and hooked up the stereo, and did a bit more caulking/ wind-proofing. The stereo being hooked up (it's been over 6 months since I've experienced real bass), made it feel like a true home. I found a box of old CD's in the attic, and reminisced in the old school beats. Did some sledding around the yard with the little guy, and basically enjoyed being snowed in so to speak. A fireside, pub dinner on New Year's Day at the DPI, certainly completed the warm & cozy weekend.

Plumbing (not there yet)
The heat is working great actually. I can't say I've mastered the hi-tech energy star thermostats, but we were toasty all weekend. I had a local plumber friend stop by and take an unbiased look at the boiler regarding the lack of hot water available at shower time. There is a domestic hot water loop in the boiler that supplies the hot hot. The hot & cold valves going out & in of that loop were adjusted completely wrong (thanks to me). He took a shot at them, and drastically improved the hot water situation. It's not there yet, but he should come by this week to install a new Honeywell thermostatic valve just downstream of the DHW loop. This will help with any initial scalding water (which is a problem). Next, he will pull the Moen 'Dialcet' shower valve & replace the guts of it. He thinks this might help as well. I'm not so sure as when I can't get hot shower water, I can't get hot lavatory water either. So...we'll see.

He says that with the DHW loop, I, theoretically, don't need a water heater as part of that system. I have a Seico tankless from a prior job, that could be added easily enough, but again, he says I 'probably' won't need it. My (and my wife's) issue is that I would like reliably hot water when I want it. Is this asking too much? I'm so close to buying a 100 gallon water heater at Home Depot and just tossing the thing in there. I could install it myself in an hour. The environmental issue of leaving the thing on & heating while we may be gone for extended periods of time, is what kills me. I'm not there yet. Perhaps if I'm not taking a steamy shower by February, I'll punt then. Cheers.

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