Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burning fire, hot water & cold food

Burning Fire: After about a 12 step process (no not alcoholics anonymous), we had our first fire. It's probably been close to 15 years since I've built a fire from scratch, and it was very satisfying. The final piece of the puzzle was a 3 month search to find a fire screen that would fit our firebox opening just right. Thank you!

Hot Water:
My new local plumber friend Jim, tweeked the hot water in the master bath, by installing a new cartridge at the shower valve, an anti-scald valve at the boiler, and a couple of new ball valves to throttle down the hot as it comes off of the boiler. Long story short: long, hot showers without needing to hookup a water heater (all off of the boiler). Life is good.

Cold Food:
New (almost new) fridge. The fridge that came with the home would mysteriously open during the week spoiling all of the food for our return. This quickly became a priority. Worthy of a future blog entry, by the grace of God, I found a Sub Zero 650 on craigslist in mint condition. I spent last weekend doing finish carpentry, rough plumbing (ice), & electrical to get ready for it. It was installed Monday!

Next on the 'list' in chrono order: Hanging wooden blinds in the den and side entry. Touch up painting around new fridge. Plumb ice-maker. Recycle old fridge. Modify (move) existing kitchen cabinets to accept 36" LP range. Plumb range for LP. Touch up cabinets/ re-paint. Replace countertop & backsplash.

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  1. Looks great! Maybe I'll open up the wall in my living room to see if the fireplace works...would be nice to have this time of year!