Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Late Fall Updates & Fireplace Design

It's been quite a while since my last post. I've been slowly chipping away at cold-weather sensitive projects like cracked window panes, caulking, etc. & making good progress. Installed a product called 'winter watchman' that turns an outlet on if the temperature drops below 40 degrees. I hooked it up to a light with a red bulb pointing to each neighbor's home on either side of us. Basically if the boiler fails or we run out of heating oil, this would give me a slightly larger window of opportunity to manage it and get it resolved. Sadly, we're not going down quite as much in the winter months for obvious reasons. As mentioned in another post, I had the opportunity to design something (a rare moment in this house where almost everything's original): the fireplace mantle. Restraint was tough as the original woodwork in the house is extremely simple, and I didn't want to overdesign it. My wife said it best, "You need to design it like it's been here for 150 years". The following fireplace pics are in chronological order.

Existing (but not original) wormwood cypress paneling.

Post-demo fireplace. (Nothing salvageable)

"Since all walls are open, we should re-wire, huh?"

Board hung

What a difference paint & cleaning make

Mantle design

Primed (not painted yet), and not installed, but you get the idea.

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