Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pearl Gardens

Today is a beautiful Mother's Day in Boston. Not a cloud in the sky, and a strong, cold breeze out of the northwest. We're getting excited about our closing coming up in a few weeks!

The gardens at Pearl Street.

The former owners had quite the green thumb, and although rough, the rear gardens are beautiful. They haven't been tended to in ten years or more, so we're having a local gardener head over to clear the weeds, replenish the soil with organic compost, and drop a few tomato & basil plants in. Believe me, we could not be more excited to tend to the garden ourselves, however, we just wanted a local person to tell us what was worth keeping & to point us in the right direction. We plan on the garden being organic, and are excited to compost for the first time in our lives! The old owner already has a make-shift 3 section compost bin that should work great.

More later.

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