Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gardening Update

Our old friend Dann surprised us with some amazing progress on the landscaping around the house. We have tomatoes, herbs galore, and he gifted us a sweet bing cherry tree! He actually explained it best in an e-mail to me:

The "lady in the bird bath" is happy to be wearing a cap to keep the sun off her face (see the pics) and you now have a beautiful 5' Bing Sweet Cherry tree near her. That hole was dug to a width of 24" and a depth of twice her height and watered in deeply. The area around the Lilac has been deeply weeded and raked out. You now have 17 tomato plants: ( 9 Romas, 2 Heirloom Brandywine tomatoes that date back to the 1880's from the Amish , 3 Early girls for salads and sandwiches, etc. and 3 Beefsteaks for the same purpose). Your chives are big enough to supply a restaurant for a year, a large Basil, a large Rosemary plant, some flat leaf Parsley, some Cilantro, and an English Thyme.

I love this stuff! Something about being in the city for 13 years, I guess I'm getting back in touch with my green thumb in life.

We close in less than a week and I feel like we're waiting for Christmas around here. The Seaport Lobster Festival was last weekend (Memorial Day), and the town was abuzz. The neighbors grounds around our future home are simply breathtaking. They all have such good tastes. Did I mention there is a tiny launch for our neighborhood less than 2 houses away? Should be a great place for Misty to cool off and her Dad to drop a dingy in someday soon.

More later. Over and out.

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