Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bathroom Update

So....where to begin?  Sistered up the existing floor joists under the future bathroom to reinforce the slightly sagging floor.  Threw some LVL's in there and two rows of blocking and it really did the trick.  Prior to this, we demo'd the exterior walls and the ceiling underneath.  This revealed two surprises: 1) No exterior insulation.  Zilch.  Nada. 2) The second floor finish floor IS also the sub-floor.  The old wide pine (presumably original) is tongue & groove, but it has shrunk so much over the years that the T and G is no longer engaged resulting in a structurally weaker floor system.  This is why I beefed up the joists.  Anyway, it is now rough plumbed, inspected, rough wired, insulated, and 99% framed.  A big headache that is now essentially upon me is relocating two doors in our front bedroom to now open up into the bathroom (and new closet).  This will disturb our quality of life bigtime, as we're now living there and our guest bedroom is a giant walk-in closet --- in a bad way.  Dropped a secondary ceiling with lights and a ceiling fan below the old one and lost negligible ceiling height.  This conceals the new plumbing that now hangs below the existing floor joists.

Next steps:
Relocate two doors.
Demo three walls in adjacent bedroom.  
Drop in electrical.  
Insulate exterior wall in bedroom.
Install tub / frame side knee wall for tub.
Hang board & plaster in bathroom and front bedroom.
Prime paint, tile, finish carpentry, etc., etc., etc.

Better start my taxes!

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