Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Face Lift

I had to take on a project that wasn't seven feet under ground. Something I could finish in a few hours, be proud of, get help from the family, & still have a quality day while doing so. I've been overwhelmed lately with the concept of crossing something off my list only to create five new 'to do' items. The basement, for example, was essentially a nine month process. Now that it's behind me, I have about 40 more things I want to do down there. Not very satisfying to say the least. Our next house will be new construction. I'm on record.

So, back to my little Sunday project: New FLOR area rug, & new DWR couch cover. Gives the family room a whole new vibe. Thanks to Aunt B. & Uncle P. for picking up the couch cover in Secaucus.

To do list:
-Assemble table saw
-Shop setup
-Heat attic
-Wire/ light attic
-Build built-in desk
-Move office to attic

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