Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blog (Well, OK. More basement progress)

A couple of exciting things (for me anyway). First the basement excavation is DONE. The old footings which you can see in the photo were poured too high. So they had to be removed, which of course meant temporary columns again (you can see those too) to take out the new (too short) columns to make room to pour the new footings at a lower elevation (see happy fella in said photo). The last concrete sub didn't use forms for the old ones, but rather just used a hole in the ground (common practice). The bad news is, is that made them much larger than necessary (engineer called for 30"x30"x12"), and seeing as though they were poured with an insanely high compressive strength, well....let's just say the laborers were hating me that day. But again, all's well that ends well. All of those old footings, the remaining grade, everything is gone! So now all that's left to do is underslab drainage, crushed stone, vapor barrier and CONCRETE! With any luck from the construction gods, I'll get it in before New Year's. We'll see.

Oh yeah, another thing: Our attic was UNinsulated over 65% of it's footprint. I asked the insulation specialist (highly recommended btw), what score he would give us and he said a 45 out of 100. Ouch! Needless to say, his crew is coming after Christmas to boost our score. Can wait to see what this does for our oil bill.

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