Monday, March 1, 2010

Counters, Cabinets + Richard Nixon

Progress! Phase 1 kitchen became a reality this weekend with about 3.5 days worth of work occurring in just over 1. The new wood counters got installed, the cabinets were modified to accept the new(ish) 36" range, and the hood was installed. The range still needs to be plumbed (Jim the plumber, if, by the grace of god you're reading this, please call me back), and an electric outlet or two added. Hopefully the existing 220 line for the old electric range will be running my own personal table saw someday as opposed to me needing to constantly 'borrow' my neighbors shop.

I had my 2 carpenters bring a laborer with them that basically worked 12 hours on Saturday emptying out the cottage & basement. Yes, we filled a 20 yard dumpster to the brim and I couldn't be more proud. Quite a cleansing experience. A real refuse enema.

Note how the cabinet over the hood had to be 'stretched' six inches and the cabinet to the right 'shrunk' by six inches. Stainless steel splash guard coming soon. I suppose the hood needs to be vented as well, huh? It's on the list.

I'm a sucker for red knobs.

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