Sunday, June 28, 2009

T minus 5 days and counting....

Drove down to Mystic yesterday to check progress & drop off our new sofa. Met the hardwood floor guy & painter to write a few checks. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I wish the wife & son were with me. The fumes from the oil-based polyurethane barely left me conscious, so the decision to not have them join me, was a good one.

The wooden boat show was going on across the water. It must have been the awards ceremony as I could hear applause from the Seaport. It was a quick trip, with some great progress shots on the kitchen and the side bedroom being completely transformed via the floor sanding. The kitchen has a permanent water stain in front of the sink that will be covered with a runner. I'm think a 'FLOR' product will go well in there. So regarding the kitchen, once the butcher block counters go in, we should be all set in there for the time being. So far, all that's left to do is finish carpentry in the TV room, rear hall, and rear stair. I'm chomping at the bit to find some vintage brass sailboat fittings, some 1 1/4" diameter vintage rope, and to bang out my 'sailing modern' handrail in the rear stair.

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