Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now the real work begins.....

It's official. We're now proud owners of our new home. Last weekend was pretty cool, as we spent the night on an air mattress to christen the house. We slept surprisingly well with the cool coastal air being nature's sleeping pill.

Already, I replaced the 4" vertical, cast iron waste pipe between the 2nd floor and basement. As the home inspector suspected, it was cracked over the whole 9' and needed to be fixed prior to the 5 painters living and working there (they started yesterday). Otherwise, we mowed the lawn, weeded, and did some minor safety work on the electrical wiring.

The painters are stripping wallpaper, taking up carpet and vinyl flooring, and skim coating the walls. Their job there should be mostly prep and is expected to take 3 weeks.

We discovered a tiny little boat launch exclusive to our neighborhood that should be a great place for Misty to cool off.

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